Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chicken Salad with Honey Dressing

Here's an interesting picture I thought I'd share. Beehives can be put anywhere, did you know (within reason)? Of course, beehives can be found on farms, in gardens, and neighborhood backyards, but we have heard from customers and friends who have them next to the L train in Chicago, on apartment balchonies, on skyscrapers in the city, and also on the roofs of a green complex going up in a nearby state.  Here for your viewing pleasure, are our own hives on our shed roof.  They are sheltered somewhat from the wind, and the bee traffic stays up high away from customers or playing children. 

Now on to eating.  I have had food on my brain today.  I'm not really hungry, but since I'm on a restricted diet, I fantasize about the food I can't eat.  This salad looks good. Over at adventuresofasouthernphatcook, I found this recipe for a chicken salad made with a honey dressing.  I love chicken, I love honey, I love salad.  This is fantastic folks, so check out this site:

This happens to be my niece Candy's blog.  Candace is a caterer with immense talents, and a person could get fat just listening to her talk about her jobs.
Chicken Salad with Honey Dressing
Everyone have a great day (and go eat something!).

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