Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Barrel Full of Bees

A whiskey barrel full of bees
Here's an update on what's going on at the Burns farm now that summer is here.

It's been hot. And I mean hot.  Today hit at least 90 degrees, and funny enough, down south in Louisiana where David's brother lives, it was several degrees cooler than here in Illinois.

But I'm loving it, even if I won't love the electric bill when I get it next month.

A lady in the area called and said she had some bees land on a barrel in her yard, could we come and get it? David drove off, thinking that probably by the time he got there, the bees would have flown on.  But a little while later he came back with this whiskey barrel packed full of bees and comb and honey.  It makes for an interesting conversation starter, but we don't know how to get into it. We hate to destroy their home, so for now, we'll just leave it be.

My garden is up and going.  I didn't try nearly as many new things this year as I had planned, but with this time of year being our business season, I was lucky to get anything at all
planted.  We have already had salad from the garden and all
the herbs we want.

A swan family

This evening we went over to a local conservation area and took a nice walk.  Earlier in the month Christian and I had gone there and found a swan nesting on some eggs. I was figuring the little ones had to be born by now, and I was right and rewarded when they all swam right up to us on the dock--just as if they had been waiting on us to return.
A beautiful sunset

We took a few shots of the gorgeous sunset before we went for ice cream.

A summer day in the country with friends

Children and grandchildren alike have been enjoying our yard. I ended up with a little extra money I wasn't expecting, and had the option of getting new kitchen cabinets or a swing all the kiddies could enjoy, so guess which one grandma chose to get?

And finally, one last picture to sum up all our summer memories combined.  Nothing says summer more than a little boy, in only his shorts, in a playhouse, eating Doritos, watching the bubbles float by.  True bliss. Wouldn't you love to be this carefree? I hope you have a good summer too.

A lazy day in the queen yard

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