Friday, May 13, 2011

What a Great Time with Country Woman Magazine

Ann, Sheri and Karee
We had a great couple of days here at the farm with Ann Kaiser, Contributing Editor at Country Woman Magazine. 

Ann has an amazing job.  As part of her work at the magazine, she goes to lots of different hands-on farming operations all over the US and Canada and spends the day doing whatever they are doing that particular day. Ann is as warm and fun as she seems in print.  She's been with Country Woman since back when it was called Farm Wife.  Since I've read Country Woman for years, it was just like getting together with an old friend again. She has many stories of wonderful places she has gone, people she has met, and makes herself right at home, which is something I very much appreciate when people come over. 

Behind the scenes
Along with Ann came Matthew and David, photographer and photographer assistant respectively, who came from Chicago to shoot pictures of us working the bees and grafting. Besides being very professional, these two were a hoot as well. So while it was a  little windy and hazy (apparently a photographer's dream day) we had a good time.

On left: David, Christian, Sheri and Ann
On right: Matthew, David and Karee

We had a nice picnic lunch of Mandarin Honey Chicken Spinach Salad (I wanted to name it something catchy but couldn't decide when enough was enough).

The article should be coming out in the Aug/Sept issue of Country Woman, so make sure you pick up a copy! After a perusal of my blog, the food editor may be selecting a recipe to add--I'm hoping she picks the Saucy Peachy Chicken, my favorite. 

Thanks Ann, it was great!

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Lois Thompson said...

How very exciting!! Will look for the magazine. Lois