Sunday, April 10, 2011

Amish Made Beeswax Candles

Bee Floating Tee Light
I want to show you some pretty new candles we are adding to our product line.

David and I recently contracted out a young amish man named Marlin, who also happens to be a beekeeper, to do some work for us and one day he brought us a box of wonderful beeswax candles.  Marlin's wife Jenna Kay does an excellent job making these beautiful beewax candles, and we are proud to make these available to you too.

This cute little bee is a scented floating red-flower candle.  I can see it in my new jacuzzi tub, can't you? Just a few ounces, and about 2 inches across, you could float it in a bowl of water, or put on a candle warmer. Jenna Kay also makes a natural-colored flower floating beeswax candle too.

There's a cute little bear candle too.  When you first see it, you think it's a teddy bear jar of honey, but it's a good beeswax imitation.

Isn't that a cute bear, and makes a great gift too.

And let's don't forget the time honored traditional bee skep. Just a few ounces too, it can be burned in a votive holder or on a candle warmer.

Beeswax is the best kind of wax to burn.  Beeswax burns cleaner and does not produce smoke.  When beeswax is burned, it emits negative ions in the air which help rid  the air of pollen, dust, mold, toxins and other pollutants making it ideal for the allergy sufferer.

All of these items can be ordered soon from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms or email me at if you can't wait for it to come on the website.  Since each will be a custom order, give Jenna Kay a little time to get your order done.

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