Monday, March 14, 2011

An Old Fashioned River Baptizin' and Amish Land Again

A baptizin' on the Salt Fork
It was a chilly day on Sunday when we were gathered down at the river bank for a baptism.  It was only 32 degrees that day, but our friend Jared knew "it was time".

Not many people today have seen a river baptizing.  At least not in the North where we live.  Most people get all fancied up in a nice smock, go into a baptistery that is pH-balanced with thermostatically controlled temperature and go down and come back up with a choir and organ benediction.  Afterwards, they can go into a nice, cozy changing room with fluffy towels and hair dryers.

Nothing wrong with that! But when folks don't have access to all that fanciness, we get baptized in the river, and sometimes, like this past Sunday, it doesn't matter what the temperature is! 

Our son and granddaughter
checking out lumber choices
We had to go to see our Amish friends in Arthur IL again this week to talk to a local carpenter about our lumber needs.  Marlin and his family are great people and do excellent cabinet making (Little Creek Woodworking, Arthur IL) and we enjoyed seeing them all again.

We ate at a good barbecue place called Pauly's in downtown Arthur.  Next time you are there, get the hog trough, it is good.

David and Christian meeting a local. 

And maybe while you are there you can pet a horse too!

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Steve Brinson said...

we still do river baptism down here in Ga, but not as many as the old days. Good to see it still happening abroad.