About Me

David and Sheri Burns
My family and I moved to the country about 7 years ago, never realizing exactly how big a change that would be and what wonderful blessings would come from it.

The move from town enabled us to begin doing things we never dreamed of doing, like keeping bees, raising chickens, homeschooling our kids, and even having more kids! We can run and scream and yell and slaughter chickens and catch bee swarms and crazy-ride the 4 wheeler--all things we never thought we'd be doing and have had a blast doing!

I have now been married to David for 30 years, we have 6 children, 5 granddaughters, 2 working dogs, 35 chickens, and live in a big old country house built in the late 1800's.

We run our own business from our home, homeschool Seth (and soon Christian), build big fires in the fireplace, chase our spirited 3year old all over the 3 acres, write in blogs, teach classes on beekeeping, and generally stay way too busy for us. I love to cook (I'm baking bread today and de-boning one of my own chickens), love to read, and stay busy trying to get into shape (I can run 1 mile now and get through an entire Jillian Michaels work out dvd!). I am interested in all things "green", have a big garden every year (although I despise weeding and hoeing and chopping), love nothing more than to see a load of laundry on the clothesline, and enjoy our friends and family. I loathed being "labeled" as some are prone to do, won't read a child-rearing book if my life depended upon it, and hate getting caught up in the current religious parenting movements/magazines/lifestyles.

Checking on hives in our bee yard
That still doesn't really tell you who I am, not really.  But gives you a little idea of how I spend my day!