Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Little Rock, Arkansas

We have just returned from our trip to Little Rock, Arkansas.  We were able to stop by and see David's sister Phyllis and her husband Alan, along with their daughter Holly and grandaughter Faith in Martin, Tennessee.  Then we trailed along to Forrest City, Arkansas where we met up with cousin Leonard who showed us around Crowley's Ridge for a bit.  We're looking for some land there to settle bees on, and there's several acres available right up close to the cemetery where David's mom and dad and brother were laid to rest.

After that, on to Little Rock, Arkansas for the Arkansas Advanced Beekeeping Workshop put on by the University of Arkansas in which David taught queen rearing classes.  I got the pleasure of driving this little bit of the way into Little Rock. I don't really like driving at all, and Arkansas highways reminded me why.  Now, if you are an Arkansans (how do you pronounce "Arkansans"? I'm guessing it's AR' kan-zanz, but doesn't that just change the entire word?) anyway, then I apologize to you right now, but here I am driving down the highway, and I need to pull off for gas, and David says "here, Sheri, pull off here." And I'm replying, "where David? There's no exit." To which he replies "Sheri, don't you see it? There! There!" And finally I see this, like...SPACE between a fence (I am not kidding) where you just kind of take your car and dive for the open spot--and that's what an exit here is.

I'll tell you what though, people here are nice.  And I do mean nice. We have several Arkansas customers, and they are all just the most gracious people.  So I can overlook the highways difficulties because they are all so great. I think they are so nice because the weather is so nice.  We were pleased to learn that we missed several days of really cold, cold windy days in Illinois with a few close tornadoes in favor of some lovely weather here.

We did a little sight seeing at the Arkansas Train Museum and also
at the Arkansas Nature Center where this snake (picture at right) seemed to get as big a kick out of Christian as Christian did out of him.

We topped off the trip at a really cool restaurant called the Purple Cow.  You can see David enjoying a nice milkshake while Christian enjoyed his purple ice cream.

David had just gotten stung on the eye by a bee, but enjoyed
the milkshake anyway!

After returning home, we spent the following day celebrating our youngest granddaughter's birthday and then enjoying a relaxing Memorial Day. We hope it was a great weekend for you all too.

Our oldest son DT trying to talk the babies out of some candy

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theadalynfarm said...

I love the little girl with the bat... "you gonna try that with me?!?!" Too cute!